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VIDEO: Ike's Gamble

On October 07, 2016
Thursday  6 October 2016 / Hour 2, Block B: Mike Doran*, Hudson Institute and author, Ike’s Gamble; in re:  The Suez Crisis of 1956.  In the Suez crisis, Dwight Eisenhower received and education about Israel.  Compare then and now:  both Eisenhower and Obama held that the US had got too close to Israel – esp Ike, who thought Israel was a strategic liability in order to court Arab nationalism, above all Egypt –not in the pocket of Brit imperialist or Zionists during the Cold War.

VIDEO: Anti-American

On October 06, 2016
Wednesday   5 October 2016 / Hour 1, Block A: Walter Lohman, director at the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation, in re: Duterte

VIDEO: Mars vs. Venus

On September 30, 2016
Thursday  29 September 2016 / Hour 1, Block A: David Davenport, Hoover Institution &Stanford, in re: post-debate analyses.  Trump was on more comfortable ground n economics; more so than Hillary on trade. She first said TTP was the gold standard before she was against it.  He does best when he quickly deflected criticism and moves on. Needs to revert to slash-jab-dance boxing.

VIDEO: Post Debate

On September 27, 2016
Monday 25 September 2016 / Hour 2, Block D: Sean Wilentz, Princeton, and Harry Siegel, Daily Beast and New York Daily News, in re:  “She’s been fighting ISIS her entire life” – um, hunh?  Mr Trump as strong during the law an order portion, but otherwise rather incoherent. Without a rally behind him and almost no audience reaction, his faces and interruptions were [not dignified].  Trump is about shtick.  His exchanges with Lester Holt: hard to fill a minute [from that perspective].    A healthy Secretary of State.  “I got a very small loan from my father” — $14 million.

VIDEO: Obama for General Secretary

On September 23, 2016
Thursday  22 September  2016 / Hour 2, Block A:  Amb. John Bolton, in re: UNGA. Rouhani with Chuck Press this afternoon: Todd asked about the secret nuke facility in Iran, supposed to have been closed entirely, but it now has a first-rate ground-to-air system. Why is  that there? “Iran has a right to defend itself.”  Was formally agreed to be converted to a research facility, but now Russia ships the S-300 missile defense system. It's utterly clear that the regime is moving along toward nuclear prowess.

VIDEO: Debate Prep

On September 20, 2016
Tuesday  20 September 2016   / Hour 1, Block A: Bill Whalen, Hoover Institution, in re: Fox News map* of electoral votes: HRC 260; JDT: 170.  Winner must have 270.  Trump has all the ammo on key issues; I don't know what Mrs C’s message is. Trump is in the driver’s seat; will he have the discipline and knowledge of issues; and to handle Mrs C in a gingerly fashion?