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VIDEO: In the News

On April 24, 2015
Thursday  23 April 2015  / Hour 1, Block A:Mary Kissel, Wall Street Journal, in re: spoke with Alicia Finley and Joe Rago.  The Obama Adm wants the TPP (Pacific trade: Trans-Pacific Partnership), but much of the Democratic Party does not. Fast-track trade authority.  President's epiphany: weakest recovery of any recession; the president has become a TPP devotee. Bill left Committee with a poison pill.   ACA: state subsidies, Supreme Court.   GOP prepares a plan B in case the Court rules for the plaintiffs.

VIDEO: Origin of the Moon

On April 24, 2015
Wednesday   22 April 2015    / Hour 1, Block C: Hotel Mars, episode n. Bill Bottke, Southwest Research Institute, Planetary Science Directorate, Institute for Science of Exploration Targets, in re:   The Earth has tides and a beautiful Moon.

VIDEO: Mrs. Clinton in New Hampshire

On April 22, 2015
Tuesday 21 April 2015    / Hour 1, Block B:   Stephen Moore, chief economist, Heritage Foundation, in re:  . . . Hillary: Quid pro Dough. . . .  (2 of 2)

VIDEO: Growth

On April 21, 2015
Tuesday 21 April 2015    / Hour 1, Block A:  Stephen Moore, chief economist, Heritage Foundation, in re: the field of GOP candidates, almost all of whom have managerial experience.  Supporting some version of a flat tax. No need to attack Hillary, who’s well on the way to hanging herself.  . . . The more you grow the economy, the more tax income and the [fewer mandated benefits].  LK: I don't like means-testing; I prefer savings accounts.  If you've paid in to Social Security for forty yeas, and then you get zip in return?  . . .  Flat tax blows up K Street!

VIDEO: Walker's Budget Proposal

On April 20, 2015
Thursday  16 April 2015  / Hour 1, Block C: Brett Healy, John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy, in re: Wisconsin: Gov Scott Walker's budget proposal to the Joint Finance Committee is $68.3 billion – which is 2.4% less than last year.  . . .  He proposes to spin off the University of Wisconsin system into a public-private agency  ("a public authority") and remove the thousands of employees from the state budget. Provide much more independence to academics and staff, and somewhat lighten the tax burden on citizens. All coupled with a tuition freeze for two years.

VIDEO: Cotton's Bold Move

On April 20, 2015
Thursday  16 April 2015  / Hour 1, Block B: Rich Lowry, National Review, in re: Tom Cotton,, et al., wrote something that had the force of an op-ed and addressed it to the Supreme Leader and his mullahs. A week ago the Democrats castigated Cotton as a traitor; now, with no longer enough votes (67) in the Senate, the president and his Party acquiesced to the Corker-Menendez Bill on the requirement that any international agreement having the force of a treaty be offered to the Senate for approval.