The John Batchelor Show

VIDEO: Great Powers of Asia

April 09, 2015

Wednesday  8 April 2015/ Hour 1, Block A: Scott Harold,  RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy, in re:  India's defence minister in Beijing on annual defense dialogue, incl Chinese incursions into India and the southern seas.  Indian Ocean Basin: one of many very contentious issues betwixt the two.  Thought that China will surround India, put operational ships in the Indian Ocean; and China's relations with Indian neighbors, esp Pakistan (China is selling subs to them) & smaller – Sri Lanka.   India's Arihont sub will soonest start sea trials; China will try to even the score with subs to Islamabad.  Pakistan's sponsorship of terrorism inside India, also the possibility of a nuclear exchange.  Moscow sees India as a major market for its defense industries; China wonders where those will be used?  Unlikely that there'll  be a grand strategic triad, but they help spell the BRICs.  If Beijing avoided irritating New Delhi, the US could be out of the picture; but since China has decided to give India a hard time, the US is an important component.  Note US-India-Japan & US-India-Australia amities.  China sells subs to Pakistan  - to encircle India.  Russian press: China's nuclear attack subs