"By the way, you skipped Israel"

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Wed, 2012-10-24 09:33 -- John Batchelor
Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The Romney team immediately posts a video called "Apology Tour" that flags POTUS Obama's concerted disregard for the US alliance with Israel these last four years.  The line that Mr. Romney slipped in last evening when explaining the "apology tour" was "by the way you skipped Israel," and this stung quietly.  Like Mr. Romney's special attention to the size of the Navy was directed at the military vote in Virginia and North Carolina, so the "apology tour" remarks were directed at the Jewish vote in Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Again, am aware the the foreign policy disputes between the campaigns do not change votes or turn polling in a new direction; however the remarks can reinforce voter intentions, and for Mr. Romney that is enough.  The Romney campaign evidences a deal of expectation after the debates close that their candidate is tied with the incumbent and gaining in the undecided and independent vote daily.  Candidate Obama's disdain for Mr. Romney, undisguised and even exaggerated in the Hempstead, New York debate and the Boca Raton, Florida debate, suggests a peculiar defensiveness, even the tone of a challenger.  The polls continue to point to a close vote; and a fair reading of history says that Ohio's 21 Electoral votes are the game.  Romney may make an economic address in the closing days, especially after the disappointing find 3Q GDP figure we are sure to get on Friday.  Mr. Obama is still struggling to explain the regime uncertainty of his administration of regulations, costs, taxes, prohibitions, that continues to inhibit American growth.  Mr. Romney's line, "We have freed other nations from dictators..." can be understood as irony about Mr. Obama's diktat Executive.  (Photo: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on July 29. Photo by REUTERS/Jason Reed)